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EXTOOLS®mobile is separated in the three categories: “ignitability”, “explosion indices” and “equipment”.

This app allows the user to estimate the influence of process parameters like pressure and temperature on laboratory characteristics indices. In addition, the user can also calculate the danger of ignition and the equivalents energy of different ignition sources.

Also this tool calculates several device related parameters e.g. the gap width, peripheral speed and the Froud-number.

EXTOOLS®mobile runs on all iPhones®, iPads® with iOS 9 or higher and Android.

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EXTOOLS®mobile is an app and consists of a rough compilation of the pro-version features.
Please consider EXTOOLS®mobile as a teaser for EXTOOLS®pro.

app version

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  • 21 Calculations
  • 3 calculation categories:

  • Ignitability calculation
  • Explosion indices calculation
  • Equipment calculation

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desktop version

recommended for professionals.


  • 70 calculations
  • 7 categories of extended calculation:

  • Explosive Atmospheres
  • Ignition Hazards
  • Protective Systems
  • Equipment
  • Volumes and Surfaces
  • Miscellaneous

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